Writing Clips

Over the years, I have worked on a variety of publications and in various media formats.  Some of my work is below, organized by topic.


Please check out my profiles of Princeton professors and their research in the “Behind the Research” series from Princeton Alumni Weekly.


Please check out my Columbia Business author page and my Chief Learning Officer author page for complete article lists.

9 Ideas for Part-Time Planners
Successful Meetings, August 2018
Experts offer tricks of the trade that help deliver full-time results.

Learning to Innovate
Chief Learning Officer, April 2018
With fresh perspectives and creative ingenuity, Louise Kyhl Triolo is reinventing learning at Airbus.

A Life of Learning
Chief Learning Officer, February 2018
A true believer in the power of education, Nick van Dam makes an indelible mark on McKinsey and the L&D profession at large.

Investing in Women
Columbia Business, April 2017
Despite having more financial power than ever, women aren’t putting their money in the markets — and it’s costing them dearly. Sallie Krawcheck ’92, founder of Ellevest and author of Own It: The Power of Women at Work, is on a crusade to change that.

Surviving a Fail
Columbia Business, April 2017
Even the most successful careers include a misstep or two. But instead of retreating when times get tough, the most resilient businesspeople embrace, analyze, and learn from their setbacks to bounce back stronger than ever.

What Can You Learn from Family Businesses?
Columbia Business, April 2016
Here, alumni share stories of the businesses they inherited and led — and some of the lessons they learned along the way.

Three Traits of Successful ‘Superbosses’ — and One to Avoid
Columbia Business, March 2016
Sydney Finkelstein ’88 researched successful, high-profile managers to understand how they helped their businesses flourish. Here’s what he learned.

Jack Mitchell: Hug Your Customers
Columbia Business, April 2015
At Mitchells Family of Stores, a three-generation family clothing business, knowing the customer is the modus operandi.

Your Secrets Are Weighing You Down
Ideas at Work, March 2015
Research from a Columbia Business School professor finds the experience of keeping a secret is akin to carrying a physical weight, diminishing motivation and performance.

Reaching for the Stars
Columbia Business, March 2015
Talk about launching your career: In November, NASA astronaut Timothy Kopra ’13 will blast off from Earth in a Russian space rocket and hurtle 220 miles through the cosmos to the International Space Station, where he will live for six months.

Lessons From Wedding Planners
Meetings & Conventions, October 2011
The daily grind of a wedding planner is remarkably similar to that of a corporate event planner. Here, wedding planners offer their tips on orchestrating outstanding, creative, one-of-a-kind events — all while dealing with demanding or jittery clients and limited budgets.

Learning to Drive
Chief Learning Officer, August 2010
With her broad experience and global focus, Wendy Dendel shifts learning into high gear at Ford Motor Co.


New Startup Offers NYC Foodies Authentic Dishes Cooked and Delivered by Refugees
Columbia Business, January 2016
Co-founded by Wissam Kahi ’04 and Manal Kahi SIPA’15, Eat Offbeat aims to provide customers not just with authentic ethnic food, but with genuine cultural experiences.

Tigers of the Week: Nourishing Children and Communities
Princeton Alumni Weekly, June 2015
Veneka Chagwedera ’09 and Jared Crooks ’11 founded Nouri, which donates a portion of the proceeds of each bar to provide hot meals for children at school.

Hershey Buys Jon Sebastiani’s Krave Jerky
Columbia Business, February 2015
It’s what you might call a sweet deal: in an agreement estimated to be worth $200–300 million, chocolate giant Hershey has acquired Krave, a company founded by Jon Sebastiani ’12 that makes all-natural, uniquely flavored meat jerky (think “Black Cherry Barbecue” pork, “Basil Citrus” turkey, and “Cabernet Rosemary” beef — an homage to Sebastiani’s family wine business).

Richard Yaffa ’54: Financial Literacy
Princeton Alumni Weekly, October 2014
A retired executive founded a nonprofit to help high school and college students learn to manage their money.


Greener Shade of Orange
Princeton Alumni Weekly, March 2018
Thousands of tons of discarded orange peels spur vibrant reforestation in Costa Rica.

From Finance to a Fight for Her Life
Columbia Business, July 2016
After a devastating diagnosis, Bita Javadizadeh Brun ’99 found help and hope in fellow alumnus Dr. Ghassan Abou-Alfa ’16. Now the two are teaming up to aid others.

In Hands-on Philanthropy Course, Students Give Back to Local Community
Columbia Business, June 2016
The brainchild of Andrew Gundlach ’01, Professor Ray Horton, and adjunct professors Melissa Berman and Doug Bauer, Effective Philanthropy in Urban Communities puts students in the driver’s seat when it comes to making an impact on local neighborhoods.

Mary Fernandez *96: Promoting Diversity in the Sciences
Princeton Alumni Weekly, October 2014
Fernandez serves as CEO of MentorNet, a nonprofit that pairs STEM students with mentors.

Tom Pirelli ’69: Building Affordable Homes
Princeton Alumni WeeklyNovember 2008
Two years ago, while working as a volunteer to build a home for a poor family in Ensenada, Mexico, Tom Pirelli ’69 had an epiphany.


Homegrown Arizona
Successful Meetings, March 2011
You may not expect it, but Arizona is home to a vibrant farming community that prides itself on locally sourced, sustainable produce.

Birmingham: Bus Through Town
Successful Meetings, July 2011
In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Rides, check out Birmingham’s historical hotspots and cultural landmarks.


Add Timeless Touches for a Casually Elegant Home
Houzz, October 2017
A San Diego interior designer shares how to incorporate natural and antique elements in a livable way.

Get a Home That Blends Design and Functionality
Houzz, October 2017
A Ewing designer who knows construction offers tips for a successful remodel from top to bottom.

Use Landscaping to Create Harmony at Home
Houzz, October 2017
A Greenwich landscape designer shows how to work with nature to enhance your living spaces.

Shine a Light on Your Home’s Best Assets
Houzz, October 2017
An Orange County lighting designer shows how to illuminate your living space for maximum effect.


*Here’s a full list of my Mic clips

Moving Pictures
Princeton Alumni Weekly, July 2018
Filmmaking brothers use their spare time to promote social-justice issues through real-life stories.

Julia Wolfe *12: Musical Innovator
Princeton Alumni Weekly, December 2014
An award-winning musician breaks new ground while exploring American history.

Josephine Decker ’03: A Rising Indie Filmmaker
Princeton Alumni Weekly, October 2013
A young artist who explores vulnerability, failure, and dark endings is getting noticed.

How One Man Is Turning the History of New York Into Music
Mic, January 2013
A hush settles on the room. The paneled wood floor, partially covered by a thick, maroon oriental rug, which will gently muffle the deep bass beat of the drums and the swelling vibrations from 11 other instruments, barely utters a creak.

What It Means to Feel Foreign
Mic, October 2012
When a friend first suggested we get tickets to attend “The Old Country,” a panel conversation with three young authors as part of The New Yorker Festival 2012, all I knew was that it sounded cool. But in the end it made me question everything I knew about the concept of being “foreign.”

What Instagram Learned From Matisse
Mic, January 2013
As you stroll from room to room within the Henri Matisse exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, you may be struck by more than just the vivid colors and whimsical brushstrokes. Looking from one canvas to the next, you’ll notice something else entirely: A lot of the paintings are the same. Well, not the same exactly, but similar.

Yadin Kaufmann ’80: Alumni Spotlight
Princeton Alumni Weekly, April 2006
In 2003, Kaufmann teamed up with a longtime friend to launch Hundreds of Heads guidebooks, which offer advice and insight.

Elizabeth Goodstein ’84: The Rhetoric of Boredom
University of Chicago Magazine, August 2006
To alumna Elizabeth Goodstein, AB ’84, boredom is anything but dull.


Managing the Digital Dialogue
Successful Meetings, November 2013
Social media can be a great communication tool, or a weapon that disrupts a meeting.

Social Savvy: Dos and Don’ts for 5 Social Media Tools
Successful Meetings, July 2012
Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Pinterest. Social media is everywhere — literally. With the development of smartphones and apps, we now connect with each other on the go, 24/7. It has spilled over into our professional lives as well, with these social networking sites playing main roles in the meeting and events world.

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