Julia Wolfe *12: Musical Innovator

My newest profile for Princeton Alumni Weekly has been published in the Dec. 3, 2014, issue. Julia Wolfe is an award-winning musician with a penchant for shaking things up, breaking down the walls between musical genres while exploring concepts related to sociology and political history. It was very refreshing to speak with her and learn more about her composing process and her general love of music.


Julia Wolfe *12: Musical Innovator
An award-winning musician breaks new ground while exploring American history.

Mary Fernandez *96: Promoting Diversity in the Sciences

My latest profile for Princeton Alumni Weekly has been published in the Oct. 22, 2014, issue.  Mary Fernandez *96 is a beacon of light in the STEM fields, promoting women and ethnic diversity through MentorNet, an online portal that pairs STEM students with mentors.

Mary Fernandez

Mary Fernandez

Mary Fernandez *96: Promoting Diversity in the Sciences
October 2014
Fernandez serves as CEO of MentorNet, a nonprofit that pairs STEM students with mentors.

My latest PAW profile: A retired executive helps kids manage their money

My latest profile for Princeton Alumni Weekly has been published in the Oct. 8 issue. Dick Yaffa is an incredibly generous, thoughtful man and I was honored to get to write about his philanthropic endeavors — particularly because I believe in the need for this kind of education.

(c) Michael Falco/Black Star

(c) Michael Falco/Black Star

Richard Yaffa ’54: Financial Literacy
October 8, 2014
A retired executive helps high school and college students learn to manage their money.

The Brooklyn Quarterly: Issue 3

As an editor-at-large for The Brooklyn Quarterly, I get to read and edit some terrific short fiction, poetry, thought pieces and essays. Here is one such article, which uses David Beckham’s failed proposal for a beachfront soccer stadium in Miami as a springboard to discuss the complex cultural history of the city. It’s published in the latest issue of TBQ, which is now live.

Welcome to Miami, Beckham

by Alexia Nader
A native Miamian considers her city’s latest potential interloper.

A Peek Inside NYC’s Storied Argosy Bookshop

Both my father and I had the opportunity to work at Argosy Bookshop over the years — he during his stint as a beatnik Villager in the 1960s, me as a collegiate summer intern in the early 2000s. What a wonderful spot in NYC! There’s a great piece in the June 23, 2014, issue of The New Yorker that really captures the spirit of the place and the three lively sisters who still run it.



PAW Gets Printed!

My newest feature for Princeton Alumni Weekly is now out.  It appears in the Oct. 23, 2013, issue of PAW — check it out!

Josephine Decker ’03: A Rising Indie Filmmaker

Josephine Decker ’03, second from right, films a video for a farm in Washington state.

A young artist who explores vulnerability, failure, and dark endings is getting noticed

Published in the Oct. 23, 2013, issue

A dark, erotic thriller set on a farm in the wilds of Kentucky, Thou Wast Mild and Lovely is the latest film by Josephine Decker ’03. The film, which is expected to debut in late 2014, follows a young, bewitching woman, her creepy father, and a mysterious…